Huckleberry Bakery

Cakes, muffins and more in the Niigata countryside

By Kim B    - 1 min read

Situated in the Niigata countryside, Huckleberry is a sweet tooth's heaven. The store is every bit the mom-and-pop style establishment, and the baked goods are made with love. You'll find various cakes, muffins and cookies available, and the usual favorites are interspersed with plenty of seasonal specialties.

During the spring months, for instance, you'll see plenty of sakura inspired treats, and in autumn the tastes change to items flavored with ingredients like pumpkin and purple sweet potato.

It's hard to make a selection from everything on offer, but rest assured that no matter what you choose your taste buds are bound to be happy. They'll gladly pack up whatever you choose to take away with you, too.

Getting there

Huckleberry Bakery is located in Urasa, approximately fifteen minutes on foot from Urasa Station. The station is serviced by both the Joetsu Shinkansen and the local Joetsu JR Line.

Alternatively, if you visit via private vehicle, you'll find a couple of parking spaces out the front of the store.

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