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Nagano Ebisukō Fireworks Festival

Famous display at the end of November

By Novriana Dewi    - 1 min read
When: Saturday - Nov 23rd 2019 ,  6:00pm - 9:00pm

If you think fireworks festivals in Japan are only typical of the summer, then you should visit Nagano around the end of November, when the weather is already getting colder, to watch Nagano Ebisukō Fireworks Festival, one of the major fireworks festival in Japan.

I got the chance to enjoy the wonderful display in 2012, and it was totally overwhelming! The festival is held annually on November 23rd and is located on the banks of the Saigawa River in central Nagano. If you have the chance, do make a visit and enjoy the superb performance!

Getting there

Saigawa Daini-ryokuchi Koen Park in Nagano City (No Parking)

20 min walk from JR Nagano Station.

*Shuttle bus services are available from JR Nagano Station.
By Train: 90 min from Tokyo to Nagano by Hokuriku Shinkansen.
By Car: 8 km from Nagano IC, approximately 20 minutes.
*Shuttle bus services are available from the temporary parking area.

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Novriana Dewi

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Elena Lisina 8 months ago
Anne Lauenroth 3 years ago
Wow, they are so colorful - and some of them look like palm trees made out of light. Great pictures!
Novriana Dewi Author 3 years ago
Thanks, Anne! I was enjoying the fireworks from my friend's place quite close to the river, the angle was nice and there was no tall building that would get in the way.
Preethu 3 years ago
wow ! Awesome shots...
Novriana Dewi Author 3 years ago
Thanks, Preethu!
Mandy Bartok 4 years ago
These shots are beautiful, Novriana! It makes me want to head to Nagano in November.
Novriana Dewi Author 4 years ago
Thanks, Mandy! Hope you can make it to Nagano this November, and enjoy the fireworks festival. I tried to check their website, but it looks like they haven't announced the schedule for this year yet. Perhaps within this month :)